As a trusted B.C. physician you went into medicine because you care. As B.C. physicians ourselves, the AccelEMR team understands the challenges and complexities associated with running a busy medical practice. How do you manage the barrage of demands placed on you daily, while meeting your financial goals and getting home on time? Some doctors barely survive, while others thrive. We can help you do the latter and love what you do...

Our passion is helping physicians do this by optimizing their electronic medical record systems (EMRs) with clinical content and tools; enhancing office workflow and systems, and providing full consulting services.

Quick Facts about AccelEMR

  • An integrated suite of EMR and medical practice optimization tools
  • Saves our clients up to $10,000 annually per user
  • Intrahealth promotes AccelEMR to enhance the functionality of Profile
  • Developed in BC by physicians for physicians.


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